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Food Porn Friday | Queso de Cabeza | Strip T’s


I knew going to Strip T’s for lunch was a good idea. I haven’t enjoyed a sandwich this much since my first visit to Parish Cafe back in ’05. (Rowdy’s Famous Chicken Sandwich, anyone??) This sangwich is not messing around – panini’d to perfection, roast pork, oaxacan cheese and the X-factor, pineapple. Massive but manageable, the roast pork was tender enough not to destroy the sandwich while trying to take a bite. Feel me? Also, pineapple needs to be in all … read more

Strip-T’s, You So Crazy

When a co-worker of mine, a proud Watertown resident, mentioned to me that his new favorite restaurant was called Strip T’s, I laughed in his face and called him a pervert. Then he gave me a bite of his roast duck leftovers from the night before and suddenly…he had my full attention. Wait, there’s a past Momofuku chef serving up bizarre foods in a Watertown diner? Yes, and you should probably check it out. —> Click for full post! Maine Shrimp … read more

Food Porn Friday | Getting The (Chicken) Finger | Strip-T’s


fried chicken strip t's read more

Food Porn Friday | Double Feature From Deluxe Town Diner

It’s 60° and sunny outside, which essentially means everyone in Boston is having the best day ever. The only thing I can think of to brighten up this day even more are the monster-sized, beyond colorful cupcakes from Deluxe Town Diner in Watertown. I noticed these beauties from my seat at the other end of the bar, and was immediately drawn to them. Unfortunately I was already stuffed from my Sweet Potato and Pecan Pancakes that the thought of even … read more

Food Porn Fridays | Tiramisu | Porcinci’s

Presenting…the beautiful, the spongy, the melt-in-your-mouth, the make you say “OH HOT DAMN” triple decker TIRAMISU from Porcini’s in Watertown. At first we tried to resist ordering dessert, it was a weekday casual dinner and we all just ate cheesy pasta and gnocchi after all. But then, the dessert tray came around and we saw this. The cakey pores of the slice were calling out to us, then everything went black. All of a sudden our spoons had minds of their … read more

New Ginza | Best Sushi | Watertown

Now very rarely does JAC feature awesome noms found outside of Boston. This is mostly because outside of vacations and mini trips I don’t really venture to far from the hub. And I never really make an effort to get myself to the outskirts of the city when everything I need is right here. But I have to say, if any eatery outside of Boston is getting a head nod from me, its Watertown’s New Ginza.