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Top Of The Food Chain Vol 2 | Haru

Haru is another one of those corporate-ish spots that never made its way onto my to-eat list until recently. Not entirely my fault if you think about it, it’s located on the Huntington Ave. stretch between Cheesecake Factory and CPK, which automatically raises a red flag. Plus there is absolutely no reason to be walking on the street level through that ridiculous wind tunnel, ever. Skybridge all day erry day. Jacki and I met a friend for dinner at Haru with no … read more

Just Add Poe Dinner Party

Let me just start my saying this is the most overdue post in the history of the world (<–fact). A few months ago, Jacki and I did a dinner with Chef Brian Poe of The Rattlesnake. His fusion of non-traditional ingredients into Mexican food is right up our alley, so we decided to join forces for one night and create a special dinner party for our friends with a menu that fused his culinary craziness with our undying love for cheese. Our friend Sonya … read more

DineOut Boston Tastes Noche

Jacki and I have been to some pretty great events with DineOut Boston, and the last one at Noche was no exception. Jesse, the founder of DineOut, teamed up with event planner extraordinaire Mike Bellantuoni and the Noche team to create a special food and cocktail pairing menu for the DineOut crew. Noche’s fabulous bartender Andy Korney just got named one of the top bartenders in Boston by the Improper, and his skills did not disappoint. That mixed with the South American … read more

Bryan Voltaggio’s Volt | Frederick, MD

This Christmas, my mom surprised my family with a reservation at Volt. My brother (along with the entire Maryland, DC, Virginia area) had been dying to try this place ever since Bryan Voltaggio was the runner up on season 6 of Top Chef. Volt is located in Frederick, Voltaggio’s hometown, about an hour west of Baltimore, inhabiting an old mansion right in the center of town. The decor is minimal and true to the original architecture of the building. We were sat … read more