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Eleven Madison Park | New York, NY


My brother has been a chef at Eleven Madison Park for about a year now. When my family realized he had to work on Thanksgiving we decided it was finally time to pay him a visit. We waited until he could actually get us a reservation he was established there before going, which has been excruciating because since he started there, the restaurant was the first in history to make the cover of the New York Times, it was rated … read more

Spring Feast In NYC


For our friend Jess’s birthday, we called upon my brother’s incredible culinary talents to cook up a Spring feast in her NYC apartment. The space was tiny, but he came up with some pretty amazing stuff. It was the first weekend in May, so the spring veggies were insanely ripe. Here are some pics from the day… The necessities: Prosecco, butter, and of course… CHEESE (in this case, creamy Taleggio) And no day cheese plate can ever be complete without prosciutto (and … read more

Guest Post | First Annual Can Jam

Today we have a tag-team guest post from our friends Sam and Lucy (our resident pickle pro) about the day they spent in Providence with my brother and all his crazy talented chef friends….enjoy! Something magical happened when Ms. Lucy Fitzgerald Bullock and Mr. Tom Zippelli came together for a summer BBQ of epic proportions.  It was edible love at first sight and plans to reunite were made before the night was over.  About 2 months later, it happened, and … read more

A BBQ Of Sorts

This is the photographic tale of a momentous culinary collaboration. Two chefs with distinctly different backgrounds and gastronomic knowledge teamed up to turn Sammy’s birthday BBQ into an exquisite 5 (or was it 6?) course meal. Lucy, our resident pickle-master and South Carolina native, who knows more about real southern cookin’ than anyone I know (y’all), and my brother Tom, a future contestant on Top Chef, who just landed a new job at Eleven Madison Park (hellz yes) came together … read more

Italian and Latino Fusion Sunday Funday | Part 2

And we’re back for part two of the all day cooking and drinking fest that was last Sunday. We started off with blood orange champagne cocktails, a cheese board, then some saffron, sundried tomato and manchego arancini, and that was only the tip of the iceburg. Round 2 consisted of some equally crazy fusion dishes, and this time I have step by step instructions on how these were prepared in case anyone wants to try these mouthwatering ideas at home. … read more

Italian and Latin Fusion Sunday Funday | Part 1

As you may have heard me mention before, my brother Tom is a culinary student at Johnson and Wales. (Cha-ching!) Every Sunday Tom and all his chef friends get together for an all day cooking and drinking fest in Providence appropriately dubbed ‘Sunday Funday.’ Each week they cook according to a specified theme such as small animals, pork, Spanish tapas, classic Italian, etc. The participants contribute either in the form of food, drink, or photography, and everything is pretty much … read more

Four Courses of Fall Inspiration

Here is the dinner that came out of our visit to the Boston Local Food Festival! We went in with no plan, came home with a random assortment of ingredients and created a 4 course fall dinner that consumed the majority of Saturday night. Everyone helped out and played some role in cooking / thinking up the menu. I have no definitive measurements or ingredients because everyone was helping out with everything, so think of this dinner as fall inspiration… … read more

The Long and the Shortrib Stroganoff

After a week of rain / humidity / cloudiness / meh in Boston, we need something to get excited about. The answer my friends, is Stroganoff. Braised Beef Shortrib Stroganoff to be exact. My brother Tom, the chef, was the mastermind behind this recipe. He was inspired by the Beef Stroganoff Recipe in Thomas Keller‘s book, Ad Hoc at Home, which is a really great cookbook for home chefs who are bored with normal recipes, but are still too amateur to cook with advanced techniques, kind … read more

Caramelized Fennel with Tomato, Olive and Orange

The other day I was in the mood to cook something unfamiliar. It was a Wednesday, nothing interesting happened on Monday or Tuesday and I needed a little excitement. The answer: dinner party.  As of September 1st, all my friends moved to opposite corners of Boston. Literally, opposite: Brighton, Mission Hill, North Quincy, Somerville, Milton, and Charlestown. Consequently we haven’t seen as much of each other, and it needed to happen. A dinner party was the perfect mini-reunion to meet … read more