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Steak Tips with Chimichurri Sauce


Summer grilling season is in full effect…and during a heatwave like this, ain’t nobody cooking inside! This recipe is perfect for a day like today, the chimichurri sauce is served cold over the steak making the dish light and refreshing. Because I don’t have a grill (and I cooked this when it wasn’t 90 degrees yet), this recipe uses the stovetop and the oven for the steak, but grilling is always an option. Duh. If you want to get a … read more

Food Porn Friday | Is That Steak Happy To See Me?

For New Years Eve dinner we decided to go all out. My friend was having a party in New York that night, so we used the money we would normally spend for an overpriced open bar, and went to a nice dinner at David Burke Kitchen instead. The meal was fabulous (blog post on the whole dinner to come next week), but this porterhouse steak for two was just absurd…By that time we had already killed more than a couple … read more

Food Porn Friday | Flank Steak | Nick’s On Broadway | Provi

The other night I went to Providence to help my brother with his move, and he took us to his favorite restaurant in the city, Nick’s on Broadway.  I loved every single one of my eight courses (dinner with Tom tends to get crazy like that), but this was one especially beautiful:Blackbird Farms Flank Steak with Corn Succotash and Corn Puree, cooked to a perfect juicy medium rare and celebrating late summer corn. Love on a plate. Everything from the … read more

Food Porn Friday | Steak Guarache

MmmmMmm Steak Guarache! I myself am an amateur when it comes to being a chef. I may be head-over-heels for all things food, but I totally embrace my entry-level status in the world of cooking and fully appreciate having friends who are WAY better at it than me. And that’s where this delicious dish came from, my friend Luis. Full-time chef (and part-time avatar) he hails from Mexico and is constantly wowing me with the awesomely simple yet beyond flavorful … read more

Ginger Marinated Steak Salad with Jicama

This may have been my most indulgent holiday season yet. Being a foodie around the holidays is dangerous. I think I may have consumed 5x my normal daily calorie intake during the entire month of December. Don’t get me wrong, it was worth every sugar cookie, cheese plate and extra bite of dessert, but it is time to start caring again. Ginger marinated steak salad is what I came up with while perusing Whole Foods. No idea how it happened, … read more

Bryan Voltaggio’s Volt | Frederick, MD

This Christmas, my mom surprised my family with a reservation at Volt. My brother (along with the entire Maryland, DC, Virginia area) had been dying to try this place ever since Bryan Voltaggio was the runner up on season 6 of Top Chef. Volt is located in Frederick, Voltaggio’s hometown, about an hour west of Baltimore, inhabiting an old mansion right in the center of town. The decor is minimal and true to the original architecture of the building. We were sat … read more


I went to Scampo for the first time this past May for my post-graduation dinner. The entire experience was 100% flawless and my family has been raving about it ever since. My parents loved it so much they suggested it when they came to town last weekend. Initially, I was shocked. How could my Mom, who doesn’t normally like Italian food (tragic, I know) ask me if I wanted to go to Scampo? The stars must have been aligned because … read more

Bleu Cheese Crusted Steak with Red Wine Sauce

This recipe is so deceivingly easy. ‘Crusted’ makes it sound all complicated and time consuming, but it takes less than 30 minutes and requires minimal cooking skill. Added bonus: everyone loves it. (Sorry vegetarians, but even you can see how good this looks.)

Restaurant Week Attempt #3 | UpStairs on the Square

Boston is amidst another one of its AQUApocalypses. First we had no water this summer when a pipe broke and tainted our beloved drinking water, now we have TOO much water which has decided to try and destroy my week via endless rain. Although normally this type of weather would cause me to crawl into a ball and hide away on my couch watching hours and hours of Mad Men reruns, my roommate moved out last week and took the … read more

Tasca | Spanish Tapas | Hidden Gem

For the past 3 years I have been harboring a serious obsession with Tasca. Living in the food obsessed world that I do, I thought everyone knew about the adorably traditional Spanish hole-in-the wall that serves up only the most delicious tapas for the most ridiculously inexpensive prices, but I still find myself running into people who haven’t heard of it yet. So I’m here now to officially blow up this hidden gem’s spot. Having won countless “Best of Boston” … read more