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Harvest Fest 2011 | Somerville Local First

This past weekend happened to be jam-packed with food, fun and friends. Well, technically that’s every weekend, but I guess this weekend was particularly enjoyable. It all started on Saturday, with an evening stop at Somerville Local First’s Harvest Fest, which I’m officially deeming the Best Fall Fest Eva until proven otherwise. A fundraiser to support and promote all things local, the Arts at the Armory was taken over by craft brewers and eateries from the Somerville area for two four-hour … read more

Cocktails and Small Bites at Bergamot

I finally made my way to Bergamont the other night to meet a friend for drinks. Named after a certain type of orange popularly used in aromatherapy, I had been meaning to check out this restaurant ever since I heard of its opening not too long ago. For months I’ve heard nothing but rave reviews regarding chef/owner Keith Pooler’s innovation, creativity, and attention to detail – right down to the delicious homemade focaccia they bring to every table with honey … read more

Eat Boston and Will Gilson at Bloc 11 Cafe

I meant to post this sooner, but alas time has not been on my side. Last weekend Dol and I went to Eat Boston‘s most recent pop-up restaurant at Bloc 11 in Somerville.  We went on Sunday, which was vegetarian night. What is normally a coffee shop and cafe, Bloc 11 had been reorganized to portray a full-fledged dining room. The espresso bar served as the line where Will Gilson of Garden at the Cellar along with his slew of … read more

Food Porn Friday | Iced Pumpkin Loaf | Cooks Farm and Bakery

This week’s edition of Food Porn Friday falls into the categories of local, organic and totally effing awesome. We tried this Iced Pumpkin Loaf (cake?) from Cooks Farm and Bakery last weekend at the Somerville Winter Farmers Market and I’m pretty sure it was devoured within 1.5 seconds of purchasing it. Maybe the best $3 I have ever spent. It was dense and had an overwhelming yet delicious pumpkin taste, and the icing was perfectly smooth and sweet. To anyone who … read more

Lunch at Foundry on Elm

The snow day yesterday was fabulous! How did everyone celebrate? Now for the nomz. Last Saturday in Somerville a group of us found ourselves in search of brunch. We had all met for the Somerville Winter Farmers Market, and we were totally done after about ten minutes, it was tiny! When we left, we decided to grab a bite to eat while we were still in Somerville. We struck out at Gargoyles on the Square and Highland Kitchen (remember: Saturday brunch … read more

Mystery Meet #7 | Hell Night at East Coast Grill

Last night Mystery Meet held its 7th event! Last Monday they sent out their e-mail to subscribers with a handful of hints relating to January’s Mystery Meet location. This month’s clues  were… If you can’t take the heat, get your ass outta the kitchen. No, seriously. It’s going to be hot. You’ve been warned. Adam Richman was here. Milk = $5/glass. This restaurant defeated Japan, France, Venezuela and the deep South in last year’s Munch Madness. After reading through them … read more

Olé | Mexican Brunch | Sunday Funday in Somerville

I don’t know what it was but I spent all of last week craving Mexican and eggs. Mexican eggs if you will. I guess my obsession with breakfast and Mexican food fused into one, and I just had to have Mexican breakfast asap. After a failed attempt at finding a place to brunch on Saturday with my girlfriends, I was uber-excited when Meesh, Dol and I planned to check out Ole in Inman Square for breakfast on Sunday. Once we … read more

True Bistro | Vegan Food & Drink | Teele Square

Just Add Cheese is having a bit of a vegan week this week. Not on purpose, just coincidentally. Maybe the excessive Turkey binging last Thursday had something to do with it? I don’t know. Anyways, my vegan friend Laney and I had been meaning to try out True Bistro, the new vegan restaurant that just opened a couple weeks ago in Teele Square of Somerville. After discussing it for a week, and finally finding a night that worked, talks of … read more

Ronnarong | Thai Tapas Bar | Somerville

The whole tapassmall plates trend has been sweeping our nation for a while now.  With most people opting for smaller portions with more variety, the  number of restaurants serving up small plates these days is continuously increasing. There’s always a new tapas restaurants popping up somewhere, and were not talking just typical Spanish Tapas (See: Bar Lola, Tasca, Tapeo, Toro, Dali…) we’re talking Mexican, Italian, Japanese and beyond. Pretty soon there’s going to be some ridiculous statistic that says something like “Every 10 minutes a tapas bar … read more