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Blunch | Newest Sandwich Shop Obsession | South End

I have to be honest, I absolutely hate the name Blunch. It doesn’t make any sense to me, we already have a name for combining breakfast and lunch and it’s called my absolute favorite meal of the day brunch. But seriously, Blunch?! It sounds like “Blaahh” and “Lunch” had a baby, and I can’t say that’s a good thing. Bad names aside, there is one seriously delish sandwich shop hidden inside the horribly named Blunch on Harrison St. It’s the … read more

Founding Farmers | Washington DC | Part 2

Alas, somewhere amidst the busy-ness that is this week, I have found a moment to finally reminisce on the ridiculously good meal I had at Founding Farmers when I was in Washington DC just a couple weeks ago. Now everything I ate in DC was delicious, like I said my sister did well when it came to picking out ideal dining spots for us to nom at, but Founding Farmers… lets just say they were on a whole other level.

Four Courses of Fall Inspiration

Here is the dinner that came out of our visit to the Boston Local Food Festival! We went in with no plan, came home with a random assortment of ingredients and created a 4 course fall dinner that consumed the majority of Saturday night. Everyone helped out and played some role in cooking / thinking up the menu. I have no definitive measurements or ingredients because everyone was helping out with everything, so think of this dinner as fall inspiration… … read more

The Asparagus Caprese Creation

I’m being healthy and cheap this week. It’s been an expensive summer. Most fun EVER, but expensive. I finally stepped out of the Twilight Zone a few days ago and thought maybe, just mayyyybe it was time to start saving money and making up for eating nonstop. For the past 3 days, my food intake has consisted of: 1 Acai Machine Naked drink, which doesn’t help with the money saving ($4, WTF?!) BUT curbs appetite until 1 pm. 2 Coffees … read more

Summer Lunch | Watermelon Salad | Steelhead Trout

This weekend, 4 friends and I ventured to Plum Island on the North Shore to check out our friend Dave’s super-adorable cottage house. By adorable I mean it belongs in Better Homes Magazine or something, it was precious. We spent Friday night playing card games and drinking margaritas, and Saturday was all about recovering relaxing, and cooking!

Friendly Toast | Kendall Square | My Breakfast Hero

I’m about to make somewhat of a bold statement here: Friendly Toast in Kendall Square may just have the best brunch ever! I’ll admit, I really wanted to say best brunch in the world, but seeing as I haven’t really tried every brunch menu in the world I thought it might be a little unfair. So for now I’ll go with ever, and by “ever” I mean as long as I’ve lived thus far…although it may be safe to say … read more

Sláinte! from Ireland

As some of you may or may not know, I’m currently on vacation in Ireland with my ever expanding family, and today marks day two of our journey through the Emerald Isle. The majority of day 1 was spent driving through numerous small towns along the west coast, making our way from Shannon to Galway, where we are spending two nights before heading to Dublin. I guess I’ll note that this long drive started at 6 a.m. Ireland time, which … read more