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Food Porn Friday | Al Pastor at America’s Tacos | Tempe, AZ

When we finally made it to Arizona on our road trip the only thing I ate for all five days was tacos. I couldn’t help it, they were amazing EVERYWHERE, and served in some places until 3am. This particular spot, America’s Tacos, is located right by the ASU campus in Tempe. It’s an order-at-the-counter type of spot that does only tacos, chips and salsa, cold beers and huge margaritas. What more could one person want? Well, besides a sunny outdoor … read more

Salty Pig Parts in the Back Bay

The other night I found myself at the Salty Pig for my step-bro’s b-day dinner. A few days later I was back with a colleague for wine and apps at the bar. Two bites into my parmesean-stuffed meatball and it was painfully obvious… I was infatuated. Since its opening just two months ago I’ve heard nothing but mixed reviews about the place. They may have no liquor license, and the entree selection is a bit weak, but as the name suggests they’ve got lots (and I … read more

Food Porn Friday | Al Pastor Taco | Anna’s Taqueria

It’s about time we recognize a Boston classic, Anna’s Taqueria. Every time I’m out of town and tell someone I live in Boston, they ask if I’ve been to Anna’s. Every single time. It happens more often than asking about Fenway Park or the Red Sox. (Thank God, because I like food, not sports.) That’s how important Anna’s is to current Bostonians and transplants around the world. Why does this happen? Because Anna’s makes a damn good burrito that is … read more

Food Truck Extravaganza | Let’s Talk About Food Fest

I’m always hearing about new food trucks I HAVE to try. Unfortunately, there are close to none where I work in the Back Bay. Thankfully that’s all about to change – I start a new job downtown on Monday!! Until then, my tactic for finding food trucks has been to stalk them out on the weekends wherever any food truck food courts may be in existence. This tends to be SOWA on Sundays and food-themed festies on Saturdays, which is … read more

Orinoco on Shawmut | Fiesta En Mi Boca

Last Saturday another brunch turned lunch quest led four of us to Orinoco, my favorite Venezuelan ARRRRREPA spot in the South End. I have an unhealthy obsession with corn cakes of Latin origin, so when eggs were absent from Orinoco’s Saturday menu…I was quick to switch gears into lunch. Orinoco is relaxing and casual with cheerful service. I can’t think of a place I would have rather spent the hours between 1 and 2:30 last Saturday. If that’s not enough, … read more

Lolita Cocina…FINALLY!

I say finally for two reasons. First we have awaited the opening of this Mexican restaurant lounge / tequila bar for about a month now. Second, FINALLY some Mexican food to get excited about in this Mexican food-deprived city. There are no upscale Mexican restaurants (in Boston proper) to go for a special occasion, or a night out… until now! Lolita Cocina opened at about 7pm on Friday, the very hour their liquor license went into effect. After two weeks … read more

Food Porn Friday | Torchy’s Tacos | Austin, TX

When Jacki and I went to Austin, TX for the Austin City Limits music festival we didn’t get to really experience all that Austin had to offer in terms of food. Because we spent most of the time at the festival, our meals were small, quick and mostly not blogworthy. Good thing there were some famous Austin food vendors with booths at the festival – one day we tried Torchy’s Tacos – one of Austin’s most famous taco joints. I give … read more

A Weekend In Puerto Rico | Isla Vieques | El Yunque | San Juan

I swear, everyday I get closer and closer to thinking Latin food really is the best food EVER. Until I remember I’m also obsessed with Thai, Italian, Vietnamese, Sushi, Spanish, French…..BAH okay I know, I’m a food whore who has no business picking favorites. But seriously, I LOVE Latin food. I’m sure a lot of it has to do with my love for pork and anything crunchy and/or spicy (or that I am in fact half Latina myself) but my … read more

The Gallows | Old Barn Chic | South End

My friends and I tried out The Gallows last week. The menu looked pretty inventive and I’m feelin’ the gastropub thing these days. The Urban Daddy article, South End Dining in an Old Barn got me especially curious about it. The interior is made with wood from an actual old barn in Vermont, and the whole experience is kind of based around that (water served in milk jugs, etc.). Love the concept. The interior is really inviting, the rustic looking … read more

Pappardelle Bolognese

Yesterday was a good day. It started off with brunch at Aquitaine, which is always fabulous. Our wait for a table was over an hour, so to pass the time we stopped by South End Formaggio. Needless to say, that quick stop turned into a full-fledged cheese tasting. I ended up buying three kinds of cheese, wine and a baguette. South End Formaggio is dangerous. Our trip to South End Formaggio also inspired us to have a dinner party. I … read more