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Pigalle’s New Bar Menu Goes Asian

Ever since discovering Pigalle during the Lamb Pro-Am last year, we have become somewhat obsessed. On any given week night it is not at all uncommon for us and a group of friends to be drinking and indulging in Pigalle’s bar menu of the moment. Between seasonal dishes and testing the waters in different cuisines, you can always expect something fresh and interesting at the bar that is completely different from the dining room menu. The new summer bar menu … read more

Stay Classy Boston

Boston is a casual city. Jeans are always acceptable attire and it’s rare that restaurants actually require men to wear jackets. Most nice restaurants won’t even notice if you’re wearing leggings and an over sized t-shirt! Trust me I’ve done it. This system is usually perfect for me because I wear Tom’s shoes 90% of the time and always sleep in too late to do my hair, but sometimes I feel the need to get dressed up. It usually happens after a string of way too … read more

The First Annual Lamb Pro-Am

Had enough lamb yet? Didn’t think so. Just kidding, I have too, and I promise this is the last lamb post until next year’s Lamb Pro-Am. We just have to tell you what went down! Because it was epic, and we are so happy to have been a part of it. It started with a boneless leg of lamb that we made into our Moroccan Style Lamb Chapati, then you guys voted us into the competition (gracias) and we got … read more

Pigalle Tasting | Live Blog Recap

Thanks to those of you who voted for our dish in the Lamb Pro-Am, we were lucky enough to advance to the next round and get paired with Marc Orfaly from Pigalle. Have you gotten tickets for the event yet? This Sunday we will be re-creating our Moroccan Lamb Chapati for all event attendees to see how we measure up against the other blogger/chef teams. Tickets are only $25! So get one…and come eat lamb with us! Anyway, back to Pigalle. When … read more