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Italian and Latin Fusion Sunday Funday | Part 1

As you may have heard me mention before, my brother Tom is a culinary student at Johnson and Wales. (Cha-ching!) Every Sunday Tom and all his chef friends get together for an all day cooking and drinking fest in Providence appropriately dubbed ‘Sunday Funday.’ Each week they cook according to a specified theme such as small animals, pork, Spanish tapas, classic Italian, etc. The participants contribute either in the form of food, drink, or photography, and everything is pretty much … read more

Pappardelle Bolognese

Yesterday was a good day. It started off with brunch at Aquitaine, which is always fabulous. Our wait for a table was over an hour, so to pass the time we stopped by South End Formaggio. Needless to say, that quick stop turned into a full-fledged cheese tasting. I ended up buying three kinds of cheese, wine and a baguette. South End Formaggio is dangerous. Our trip to South End Formaggio also inspired us to have a dinner party. I … read more

Roman Style Meatballs (with prosciutto!!)

I recently bought The Essential New York Times Cook Book by Amanda Hesser, a food columnist for the New York Times. It’s MASSIVE (just about the size of a small cat actually) and I love it. It’s a compilation of all noteworthy recipes that were published in the New York Times since it started covering food in the 1850′s.

Vegetable Minestrone with Parmesan Rinds

Let’s face it, anyone with canned tomatoes, herbs, diced veggies and an appetite can make a decent minestrone soup. To make a great minestrone soup however, it takes a little something extra, something that will give the soup a fuller, deeper and more complex flavor. That ingredient my friends, is Parmesan rinds. Parmesan rinds are salty, cheesy and jam packed with umami. As always, cheese makes everything better. Seeing various minestrone recipes call for Parmesan rinds got me curious. Could … read more

Scalloped Tomato Heaven

Summer is winding down and while the tomatoes are perfect, I need to pack it in. When I was looking for fun tomato ideas, I remembered the tomato recipe that got away: Smitten Kichen’s scalloped tomatoes with croutons. I saw it back in July, but due to a brief period of attempted healthy eating, I resisted, then forgot. Thankfully, it came back to me yesterday when I was going through a period of serious tomato withdrawal. Ever since I saw … read more

How Not to Make a Parmesan Bowl

Ahhhhh… Parmesan – my favorite cheese. When I found out about Parmesan bowls from the Hearts of Palm Salad recipe in this Behind the Burner video, you can imagine my level of excitement! Hello! Edible bowls of cheese!!!! I had to attempt to make them right away.