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Rising Sun Tavern at District Lounge


The funny thing about pop up restaurants…is that sometimes you end up eating at District Lounge. I had never stepped foot inside that place until the former Staff Meal dudes used the space for their modern Asian pop-up, Rising Sun Tavern. It was an unlikely venue for sure but the menu was super fun and creative. There were a few times during the meal that I had absolutely no idea what I was eating, everything came together really well though! Here’s what … read more

Food Porn Friday | Tom Yum Noodle Soup | Rod Dee

Nothing in the world (except maybe my new cashmere infinity scarf) is warmer and more comforting than a bowl of Tom Yum soup on a cold winter day. Rod Dee‘s Tom Yum Noodle Soup may just be my new favorite in the Boston area. One sip of this broth and you will be instantly warm and tingly from head to toe. It has the perfect level of thai chili spice and thanks to the lemongrass and cilantro, it’s refreshing at the same time.  They … read more

Red Lantern On Chow Down Beantown

I did a post on Boston.com today on Red Lantern, the new Vegas-esque restaurant/nightlife combo deal. Ch-ch-check it out! It’s great for big parties or a fun night out, and the food is pretty impressive. It’s owned by the same folks behind Shrine at Foxwoods and The Estate, so over-the-top is to be expected. I really liked it, though! Has anyone been yet? 39 Stanhope St Boston, MA 02116

Evil Fortune Cookies

Yes! Finally, a fortune cookie that doesn’t promise me ANOTHER lottery win or teach me how to say “sunshine” in Cantonese. Introducing the evil fortune cookie. You can use them to trick your friends, or if you’re me, buy them because you’re dying to know what other hysterical misfortunes are printed on them. Of course no one wants to read “you will die alone and poorly dressed” when they crack open their fortune cookie after stuffing face with noodles, but … read more