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Tasca | Spanish Tapas | Hidden Gem

For the past 3 years I have been harboring a serious obsession with Tasca. Living in the food obsessed world that I do, I thought everyone knew about the adorably traditional Spanish hole-in-the wall that serves up only the most delicious tapas for the most ridiculously inexpensive prices, but I still find myself running into people who haven’t heard of it yet. So I’m here now to officially blow up this hidden gem’s spot. Having won countless “Best of Boston” … read more


The day has finally come, Towne opens TOMORROW for its soft opening and the Grand Opening is on Friday! You know, the new Lydia Shire (of Locke-Ober and Scampo) and Jasper White (of the Summer Shack) restaurant conveniently located in the Hynes Convention Center, ONE block from where Jacki and I work. Scampo and Summer Shack are two of my favorite restaurants in Boston, so I can only imagine what these two chefs have in store for Towne. The only thing we know at this point … read more

Best of Barcelona | Part 2

I apologize for the lack of posting in the past week, after this vacation I have been trying to get back in the swing of things, and it hasn’t been too easy. Jet lag + expiring lease coming up + discovery of umami + working full time = not enough time for Meesh to post. Please forgive me, I will be better. Without further adieu, here is the second half of my Barcelona favorites: 11. Best Tapas | Citrus Unfortunately I … read more

Evil Fortune Cookies

Yes! Finally, a fortune cookie that doesn’t promise me ANOTHER lottery win or teach me how to say “sunshine” in Cantonese. Introducing the evil fortune cookie. You can use them to trick your friends, or if you’re me, buy them because you’re dying to know what other hysterical misfortunes are printed on them. Of course no one wants to read “you will die alone and poorly dressed” when they crack open their fortune cookie after stuffing face with noodles, but … read more

Best of Barcelona | Part 1

After a week in Barcelona I have eaten Tapas upon Tapas, drank more Sangria then one should in a lifetime, and never went to a restaurant without ordering Gazpacho. Here is my list of my Barcelona favorites. 1. Best Gazpacho | Merendero de la Mari           Gazpacho is my favorite Spanish food. I love it because there are 10 thousand ways to make it, and it’s on every single menu ANYWHERE in Spain. Even if the … read more

Dim Sum | Myers + Chang | South End

Sometime in the past sixth months I started hearing about Myers + Chang. I first caught wind of it through food bloggers and friends on twitter. Their comments and my research told me that this was a place I needed to check out. Their “about” section on the M+C website says, “We are inspired by Taiwanese soul food and Southeast Asian street food, all done with a great deal of care. It is a personal, sometimes loose interpretation, to be … read more

Sláinte! from Ireland

As some of you may or may not know, I’m currently on vacation in Ireland with my ever expanding family, and today marks day two of our journey through the Emerald Isle. The majority of day 1 was spent driving through numerous small towns along the west coast, making our way from Shannon to Galway, where we are spending two nights before heading to Dublin. I guess I’ll note that this long drive started at 6 a.m. Ireland time, which … read more

NOMs in a New York Minute

Oh New York, how I love thee. The restaurants, the sights, the people, and of course the fact that everything is open until forever. And by forever I mean until 4 a.m. which feels like forever when you’re coming from a city that turns into a ghost town after 2 a.m. I was way overdue for a visit to the Big Apple and so I decided to make a trip to the city this past weekend. I had the pleasure … read more

MexicanLovin’ | Loco for Zocalo | Back Bay

After a series of failed attempts to visit the new Zocalo on Stanhope Street, a few friends and I finally made it there this past Sunday. Formerly located in Brighton, Zocalo has won a slew of awards over the past decade for having delicious dishes and impeccable service. Having never been before, I was excited to see what the contemporary Mexican restaurant was all about. Located where the old Stix used to be, the decor inside the new Zocalo is … read more

Drink | Best Cocktail in Boston

I’ve been wanting to go to Drink since it opened in 2008, I’ve heard tons of great things about it from friends, reviews, blogs, articles, etc. It’s just that Drink is in the Seaport District and I live in Mission Hill. It’s such a schlep. I could take the T and switch lines 3 times to get there (40 minutes later) or I could take a $20 cab ($20 cab + 2 or more $15 drinks + $20 cab back … read more