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Food Porn Friday | Burrata | Oak Long Bar + Kitchen

As we said last week…’tis the season for tomatoes. And you know what that means: MOZZ. And lots of it. Burrata, mozz’s creamy little sister is not only a favorite, it’s a fetish. As a JAC reader you may already know my love for burrata runs deep, I eat it and order it every chance I get. Which is exactly why this was the first dish to grab my attention when I took a look at Oak Long Bar + Kitchen‘s menu: Maplebrook … read more

Davio’s Northern Italian Steakhouse (Minus the Steak)

I’ve been meaning to make my way over to Davio’s forever now. Finally, after the stars had a brief alignment the other night, I found myself sitting in the dining room with Meesh and the lovely laydays from BostInno ready to get after some dinner. First impression — pretty fancy, but that was expected after looking at the prices online. Second impression came by way of our server, Tonino, who was so gracious and charming and insightful we were practically begging him … read more

Scampo Brunch

A few weeks ago when my Mom was in town, she suggested we try Scampo for brunch. I was thrown off at first because I didn’t even know they had brunch (which is both shocking and kind of sad because I live basically across the street). I still have no idea how she figured this out before me, but all it took was one look at the the menu online and the decision was made. Italian-style brunch that starts with … read more

Ad Hoc Southie Pizza | Who Needs A Rolling Pin Anyway?

Jacki and I stopped by American Provisions in Southie last week to pick up our gift basket for the New England Dessert Showcase. It was supposed to be a quick in and out, but since it’s physically impossible for me to walk into a specialty food store and not buy cheese, meat, other local treats, and more cheese, we decided to make a pizza. First thing’s first–prosciutto. Enough said. American Provisions co-owner Andy was raving about the Red Gravy tomato sauce from … read more

What if Med School Isn’t Better Than Oleana?

A friend of ours is leaving for med school this week — *tear* — and we chose Oleana as the destination for our last supper with the future doctor. Why it took us 6 years to eat at a local restaurant whose chef won a James Beard award AND competed on Top Chef Masters, I have no idea. Ana Sortun just kills it. Every dish is a unique work of art that combines thoughtful and creative combinations of Middle Eastern flavors, … read more

Food Truck Extravaganza | Let’s Talk About Food Fest

I’m always hearing about new food trucks I HAVE to try. Unfortunately, there are close to none where I work in the Back Bay. Thankfully that’s all about to change – I start a new job downtown on Monday!! Until then, my tactic for finding food trucks has been to stalk them out on the weekends wherever any food truck food courts may be in existence. This tends to be SOWA on Sundays and food-themed festies on Saturdays, which is … read more

Food Porn Friday | Burrata | Coppa

If you haven’t been to Coppa yet, I seriously feel bad for you. GO NOW. They just started taking reservations recently, so if the hour long wait was your excuse it’s time to get your ass to Shawmut, like today. We’ve alluded to Coppa’s amazingness before, but this burrata is just so beautiful I had to bring it back up. Look at the perfect creamy center that no cheese lover in their right mind could resist! A perfect representation of the rest … read more


I went to Scampo for the first time this past May for my post-graduation dinner. The entire experience was 100% flawless and my family has been raving about it ever since. My parents loved it so much they suggested it when they came to town last weekend. Initially, I was shocked. How could my Mom, who doesn’t normally like Italian food (tragic, I know) ask me if I wanted to go to Scampo? The stars must have been aligned because … read more

Four Courses of Fall Inspiration

Here is the dinner that came out of our visit to the Boston Local Food Festival! We went in with no plan, came home with a random assortment of ingredients and created a 4 course fall dinner that consumed the majority of Saturday night. Everyone helped out and played some role in cooking / thinking up the menu. I have no definitive measurements or ingredients because everyone was helping out with everything, so think of this dinner as fall inspiration… … read more

Fall is Here + Boston Local Food Festival

Fall is finally here and Boston is pumped. This year people seem to be more excited about fall than ever before, myself included. Maybe because the weather yesterday was perfect, one can only dream about a 65 and sunny Saturday at the beginning of October. The excitement was in the air, everyone was out of the house, there were a ton of events taking place, and it was fabulous. On this wonderful fall Saturday, 6 of us went to the Boston … read more