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What if Med School Isn’t Better Than Oleana?

A friend of ours is leaving for med school this week — *tear* — and we chose Oleana as the destination for our last supper with the future doctor.¬†Why it took us 6 years to eat at a local restaurant whose chef won a James Beard award AND competed on Top Chef Masters, I have no idea. Ana Sortun just kills it. Every dish is a unique work of art that combines thoughtful and creative combinations of Middle Eastern flavors, … read more

East Side Pockets | Must-Eat Falafel in Providence

I like falafel as much as the next foodie, but until last week I wouldn’t have gone as far as to say that I love it. It’s always been a take-it-or-leave-it kind of “meh” food for me. Now I finally know why, I wasn’t eating good falafel. I didn’t even know what good falafel was. I don’t know what the hell I was being served on the streets of Europe at all hours of the night while studying abroad, or … read more