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Alden & Harlow | Chef Scelfo Returns to Harvard Square


It’s been a year since Chef Michael Scelfo (formerly of Russell House Tavern) announced his own restaurant venture, and now, after much anticipation, the wait is over.  Thanks to Scelfo, new life has been breathed back into the historic Casablanca space on Brattle Street in Harvard Square. Proving that good things come to those who wait, the large restaurant boasts all kinds of fun accents like an open kitchen, lengthy bar and a cozy nook with a living wall. Named … read more

Food Porn Friday | Beet 3-way at Rialto


I work in a world surrounded by food porn, and the amazing people who make it every day. Me, I just sit back, watch, ogle and eat and let the world (or our few hundred followers) know what wonderful things exist in this crazy place we call the Greater Boston Area. And while there is food porn LITERALLY at every corner we turn, somehow I always manage to find the best of it at work. Granted I work with some … read more

Scenes from Truffle Cooking Class at Rialto

Even though Jacki’s new job allows her less free time to hang out with me and go out to eat, it does give me the opportunity to attend cool events she is involved in, or organizing. Like one of Jody Adams’ cooking classes at Rialto, for example. There is one class per month held at the restaurant, and each month’s theme changes based on the season and upcoming holidays. Lucky for me, the Saturday I was free to attend happened … read more

Food Porn Friday | Saffron Gingered Peach Meringue | Rialto

It feels like it’s been an eternity since my last post. Just because I haven’t been updating Just Add Cheese with food porn regularly doesn’t mean I haven’t been surrounded by it for the past couple of weeks. In fact, that’s exactly what happened. And I’m sorry for being selfish and not sharing with you sooner. I recently took on a new job at Rialto — the nationally acclaimed restaurant owned by Chef Jody Adams, located inside Harvard Square’s Charles … read more

The Third Annual Lamb Jam

It’s been awhile since we’ve gushed about lamb here on JAC. After an intense lamb hangover from the Pro-Am we decided to chill out with the lamb for a little bit. You know, so we wouldn’t wear it out, and continue to love lamb the way it deserves to be loved. BUT (as all lamb lovers can attest to) no right-minded person can go too long before relapsing and stuffing their face with all the braised shanks, loin, and shoulder in … read more

New Noms at Russell House Tavern | Harvard Square

Brace yourselves people, one of our favorite eateries in Harvard Square recently added a few new menu items to their repertoire and they’re definitely worth checking out. We lahv Russell House Tavern which, unlike the average tavern, has a classy interior, a seasonally inspired menu of artisanal fare and a craft cocktail list that’ll keep you there for hours. So basically not your average tavern at all. But it is casual and it is the perfect go-to when it comes to whatever it … read more

Food Porn Friday | Belgium Waffles Courtesy of Zinneken’s

I’m currently struggling to find the words to accompany this photo. Mainly, because everytime I look at it my brain turns to mush and all I can think about is how I just want to inhale it right now. Too bad I already did the other day. It was literally like a small slice of heaven. Which is exactly what the entire block smells like leading up to the small store front that is Zinneken’s. The bakery, which solely serves up gourmet belgium waffles, was … read more

Food Porn Friday | Patricia Yeo’s Gingerbread | OM

As if today couldn’t get any hotter, here’s a little something that’ll make you break a sweat. Similar to to the weather outside this little guy is warm and dense (and crazy delicious!) Every bit as heavenly as it looks placed on a cloud of creme fraiche and sprinkled with Riesling poached pears, this gingerbread cake is just one of Patricia Yeo’s most recent creations since becoming the chef at OM earlier this summer. Encompassing all things awesome – Rich … read more

Clover Food Truck | Chickpea Fritter FTW!

Food truck nation is upon us. Following in the footsteps of cities like New York, Miami and Austin, Boston now has quite a nice spread of food trucks that have opened up over the last year or so. From gourmet grilled cheese to fried chicken n’ waffles, these restaurants-on-wheels offer something for everyone… including the vegetarians!Probably one of the most popular food trucks to come out of the recent takeover is Clover Food Lab. With a whole new approach to … read more

Love Russell House Tavern’s Egg-Centric Menu, Don’t Love Everything Else

I really want to love Russell House Tavern. I went to brunch there once before and it was OK.  The food was 70% awesome and my server was nowhere to be found on more than one occasion. I didn’t write it off though. There is something so charming about Russell House that keeps beckoning my return. That something made me think that first brunch experience was a fluke and my perfect Russell House moment was yet to be had. I mean … read more