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Fall is Here + Boston Local Food Festival

Fall is finally here and Boston is pumped. This year people seem to be more excited about fall than ever before, myself included. Maybe because the weather yesterday was perfect, one can only dream about a 65 and sunny Saturday at the beginning of October. The excitement was in the air, everyone was out of the house, there were a ton of events taking place, and it was fabulous. On this wonderful fall Saturday, 6 of us went to the Boston … read more

MexicanLovin’ | AREPAS | Sol Azteca

As you will come to learn, Mexican is one of my favorite cuisines (along with Italian, Thai, Indian, French, Japanese…). No but seriously, I think we can all agree that Mexican food is something else. It’s the cats pajamas, the bees knees, flavorful goodness that I never seem to get enough of… I originally got into Mexican food because my Mom is obsessed as well. She eats at this restaurant in Maryland, El Azteca (unexpectedly great Mexican food in Maryland … read more

Figment | Boston | Photos

some more favorites from Figment…