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Photos: New Summer Menu at Church


The patio at Church is one of my favorite places to go during the summer. You can almost always get a table outside and it has a more relaxed neighborhood vibe than some of the restaurants on the main drags of Boylston, Beacon or Lansdowne Streets. (Full post available on Chow Down.) White Gazpacho Torta Cubana Sliders – north country ham, roast pork loin, salami, house pickles, and swiss cheese Pan Fried Pierogies – spring ramp, bacon and pecorino filling … read more

Mystery Meet | Spring Menu at Church

Church never (ever) fails to impress, and this year’s Spring menu is no exception. We love everything about Church from its brunch, to its church-themed menu, to Chef Jon’s love for all things local, and how its totally off the beaten path. That’s why it was the first location to come to mind when Jacki and I were planning this month’s Mystery Meet. We both agreed, without any debate whatsoever, that (1) we needed to have that mushroom canelone again and (2) other people needed … read more

Church’s First Annual Chili Cook-Off | Photo Dump

The past couple of weeks have brought Just Add Cheese to quite a few food events around town, starting with Church’s first annual Chili Cook-off which pinned Fenway restaurants head-to-head in a battle to see who had the best chili. From classic renditions of the slow-cooked crowd pleaser to more creative approaches, excitement arose as Boston residents flocked to the music venue side of Church, packing its insides to the brim. Here are some pics of the contendors, and congratulations to the winners! … read more

Chili Cook-Off at Church This Saturday

It’s on like Donkey Kong! Church of Boston will be hosting the first annual Chili Cook-off in Fenway this Saturday. Come watch your fave spots duke it out for the title of Chili Champ and spend some quality time with me while I help decide who’s got the best slow cooked beef. Tickets are only $8 and you can still get yours here, so don’t wait because their going fast. And if you’re not already salivating on your key board … read more

All About Q | Tiffani Faison Opens Sweet Cheeks in Fenway

BBQ seems to be having a bit of a rebirth as of late, and I’m totally down with that. From the southern-inspired brunches all over Beantown to the Red Bones truck that just started making the rounds last fall, it’s hard to escape it. And now that this season of Top Chef has been making it’s way through Texas, highlighting all things slow cooked and savory, it’s only a matter of time before BBQ starts taking over the world (and our waistlines). Well now there’s one … read more

Sundays at Church of Boston

During my childhood there was a brief time where most Sunday mornings revolved around CCD class and singing psalms. While many of you know, it’s hard for me to sit still for more than 15 minutes at a time, the only reason I survived those years at Church was knowing the end of mass meant brunch was soon to follow. While the days of tasteless wafers are but a distant memory for me, brunching still remains a weekend ritual. Having … read more

Why You Should Start Going to Church… of Boston

Last week Meesh and I headed over to Church of Boston to meet our friend Bianca for some long-overdue drinks and dins. None of us had been before, but after meeting Chef Laura Henry-Zoubir at the Boston Burrito Bowl a couple months back  (where all three of us swooned over her win-worthy breaded Cajun red fish bowl inspired by the New Orleans Saints) we knew we just had to have more of her creative cuisine. Plus, marketing director Rina could … read more

Island Creek Oyster Bar | Kenmore

I’ve always loved Eastern Standard, mostly because they make a crazy good bread pudding AND they’re always open late night for those times when you just can’t stomach eating a $9 street sausage. That’s why when I heard they were opening Island Creek Oyster Bar I knew I had to check it out. Granted, I really don’t like oysters, but whatever I still find the need to always try them and I knew there would be other stuff on the … read more

Stake Out | Bread Pudding | Round 2

And alas, the wait has been long, but the results for Round 2 of the Bread Pudding Stake Out are in. I must admit this round was ridiculously hard seeing as almost all of the contenders were first prize worthy, but after some serious deliberation I think we have narrowed down the winners. 4. Coming in last, but certainly not least, we have EVOO‘s Chocolate Banana Bread Pudding with warm Buttermilk Caramel. Not so say that it isn’t delicious, which … read more