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Oh Hi New Neighbor | Charlie’s Sandwich Shoppe

Moving week is officially over and I am finally settling into life in my new ‘hood: the South End. Wahoo! I loved Beacon Hill but let’s be serious, the food options over there just don’t compare. Now I have tomato and cheddar omelettes like this just a block away… I discovered Charlie’s Freshman year at Northeastern by googling “best breakfast in Boston” and I’ve been coming back ever since. And I totally agree that it’s the best breakfast in Boston. … read more

Food Porn Friday | Getting The (Chicken) Finger | Strip-T’s


fried chicken strip t's read more

Food Porn Friday | Double Feature From Deluxe Town Diner

It’s 60° and sunny outside, which essentially means everyone in Boston is having the best day ever. The only thing I can think of to brighten up this day even more are the monster-sized, beyond colorful cupcakes from Deluxe Town Diner in Watertown. I noticed these beauties from my seat at the other end of the bar, and was immediately drawn to them. Unfortunately I was already stuffed from my Sweet Potato and Pecan Pancakes that the thought of even … read more

Friendly Toast | Kendall Square | My Breakfast Hero

I’m about to make somewhat of a bold statement here: Friendly Toast in Kendall Square may just have the best brunch ever! I’ll admit, I really wanted to say best brunch in the world, but seeing as I haven’t really tried every brunch menu in the world I thought it might be a little unfair. So for now I’ll go with ever, and by “ever” I mean as long as I’ve lived thus far…although it may be safe to say … read more