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Post 390 | Bomb Food in the Back Bay? We Haz Found It!

Even though the Back Bay is the center of this city, it can be a very scary place at times. Whenever I find myself in that part of town, famished, looking for a place to eat I honestly cringe a bit. Don’t get me wrong, there’s definitely a few gems, but overall most places are overpriced tourist traps. Combine that with the chaos of crowds that flood the streets on the weekends looking for posh patios on a nice spring day – just forget it. While … read more

Top Of The Food Chain Vol 1 | Del Frisco’s

If you read this blog, you probably know by now that we don’t hit up national chains very often. Boston has so many unique restaurants that seem to open by the dozen, so in our never ending quest for interesting food, it happens. Also, most chains turn me off. I will never understand how the Cheesecake Factory is constantly packed, the menu is the same everywhere and the food is average at best. You might also notice that we don’t hit … read more