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How to Make a Bad Ass Beef Wellington


Everyone should learn how to make a Beef Wellington at some point in their life. The combination of filet mignon and puff pastry is undeniably fantastical, plus it’s a BOSS old school culinary move to hide up your sleeve for a special occasion. Maybe you’ll bust it out at your next dinner party, maybe you’ll make one for a significant other on Valentine’s day, maybe you’ll make it by yourself, take the leftovers to work, and brag to your coworkers about … read more

Recent Recipes From Chow Down Beantown

You may have noticed the apparent lack of recipes on Just Add Cheese as of late. We’re sorry! We just like going out more than cooking! It’s more fun. Especially because we’re not exactly magicians in the kitchen, if you know what I mean. That’s not to say we don’t love cooking; we haven’t stopped experimenting in the kitchen and trying our hand at new recipes. Now we just throw our intermittent recipes up on our Boston.com blog, Chow Down Beantown, instead. We’ve … read more

Guest Post | Avocado & Orange Panna Cotta A’la Phil

Now it’s no secret that I like to eat out. A lot. When it comes to making my own dinner, I often don’t always have the time I’d like to make something I’m actually excited about eating. This is why I surround msyelf with people who know how to cook; not only so I can reap all the benefits of trying their crazy concoctions but also in hopes that some of their creativity and cooking skills will ultimately rub off on me. In … read more

Southwestern Stuffed Acorn Squash

When I was in Whole Foods the other day, the huge display of acorn squash caught my eye. I love seasonal produce and oddly shaped gourds, so I got it and headed to the interwebz for some cooking inspiration. As fate would have it, the first result that appeared was from one of my favorite local food blogs, We Are Not Martha. Noice. They stuffed their acorn squash with quinoa, parsley and feta, which is probably awesome, but I decided … read more

Asparagus and Radish Salad | George Orwell

Since we didn’t have spring this year, I decided to pretend and make a spring salad anyway. I found this recipe for Asparagus and Radish Salad on Food52 and loved it because it has every spring herb and vegetable that I could ever want in one dish. (Other than fava beans, which I’ve been dying to cook with but never seem to find them anywhere.) Raw radish and blanched asparagus make the salad crunchy and a buttermilk, lemon, and herb … read more

Lessons in Braising Artichokes

Artichokes are one of my all time favorite vegetables but it is a truly rare occasion I decide to cook with them. They never seem to come out right and all the preparation dealing with sharp spikes and annoying fuzz turns out to be for nothing. But just look at the artichokes this spring! They are beautiful and have been calling my name ever since the temperature rose above 50. Because I should be able to cook something I love to eat so … read more

Food Porn Friday | Steak Guarache

MmmmMmm Steak Guarache! I myself am an amateur when it comes to being a chef. I may be head-over-heels for all things food, but I totally embrace my entry-level status in the world of cooking and fully appreciate having friends who are WAY better at it than me. And that’s where this delicious dish came from, my friend Luis. Full-time chef (and part-time avatar) he hails from Mexico and is constantly wowing me with the awesomely simple yet beyond flavorful … read more

Italian and Latino Fusion Sunday Funday | Part 2

And we’re back for part two of the all day cooking and drinking fest that was last Sunday. We started off with blood orange champagne cocktails, a cheese board, then some saffron, sundried tomato and manchego arancini, and that was only the tip of the iceburg. Round 2 consisted of some equally crazy fusion dishes, and this time I have step by step instructions on how these were prepared in case anyone wants to try these mouthwatering ideas at home. … read more

Italian and Latin Fusion Sunday Funday | Part 1

As you may have heard me mention before, my brother Tom is a culinary student at Johnson and Wales. (Cha-ching!) Every Sunday Tom and all his chef friends get together for an all day cooking and drinking fest in Providence appropriately dubbed ‘Sunday Funday.’ Each week they cook according to a specified theme such as small animals, pork, Spanish tapas, classic Italian, etc. The participants contribute either in the form of food, drink, or photography, and everything is pretty much … read more

Fabio Inspired Chicken Cacciatore | FSTG Giveaway Winner!

Fabio got me in the mood for chicken cacciatore. After watching the classic Italian episode of Top Chef I couldn’t stop thinking about it. This is unusual because chicken really isn’t my thing. Everyone seems to love it but I think it’s boring and kind of sketchy. Why can’t it be served raw? Ok I know the answer to that, but still it’s weird. Even with my aversion to chicken, I still wanted to make chicken cacciatore. I don’t know if … read more