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Rainy Day Asian Fix | Moksa & King Fung Garden

Whenever it rains I want Asian food. Whenever it’s Monday I start thinking about lunch around 10am. Therefore I want some dumplings right meow. I’m actually putting myself in agony writing this post because I’m starving and already debating which Chinatown spot to hit up for lunch today. I wrote about these two Asian restaurants on Chow Down Beantown recently and wanted to share them on Just Add Cheese as well. Moksa opened a few weeks ago in Central. They serve both traditional … read more

Mystery Meet | Mumbai Chopstix

Tuesday was my second Mystery Meet, a foodie meet-up (aka 4 course dinner party) which takes place on the 2nd Tuesday of every month. You buy a ticket online without knowing the location, then it is announced 24 hours before the meetup. Each time there are about 40 people, a random combination of foodies and food bloggers from Boston and surrounding areas that get together to talk about our favorite thing, FOOD! Some clues are given about the location in … read more

Evil Fortune Cookies

Yes! Finally, a fortune cookie that doesn’t promise me ANOTHER lottery win or teach me how to say “sunshine” in Cantonese. Introducing the evil fortune cookie. You can use them to trick your friends, or if you’re me, buy them because you’re dying to know what other hysterical misfortunes are printed on them. Of course no one wants to read “you will die alone and poorly dressed” when they crack open their fortune cookie after stuffing face with noodles, but … read more