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Frontera Grill | Chicago, Il

Along with the obligatory deep dish, we also hit up another Chicago classic on our road trip, Frontera Grill. This place (or any other Rick Bayless spot for that matter) is an absolute must on any trip to Chi-town. For a white guy, this dude can cook Mexican with the best of ‘em. Frontera Grill is like my ideal Mexican spot — upscale Mexican cuisine meets Mexican street food with amazing ingredients, decent prices, passionate staff, and a fun, casual atmosphere. … read more

Food Porn Friday | The Malnati Chicago Classic | Lou Malnati’s

On a recent road trip to Arizona, my friends and I made a quick pit stop in Chicago. First thing on our to do list? Deep Dish! We decided to hit up Lou Malnati’s because it was the most convenient at the time. I know it’s touristy, and I’ve heard other places are better, but I don’t even care because it turned out to be heaven. As you can blatantly see as evidenced below.    No person can deny that famous buttered crust, … read more