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Frontera Grill | Chicago, Il

Along with the obligatory deep dish, we also hit up another Chicago classic on our road trip, Frontera Grill. This place (or any other Rick Bayless spot for that matter) is an absolute must on any trip to Chi-town. For a white guy, this dude can cook Mexican with the best of ‘em.¬†Frontera Grill is like my ideal Mexican spot — upscale Mexican cuisine meets Mexican street food with amazing ingredients, decent prices, passionate staff, and a fun, casual atmosphere. … read more

Fishtail by David Burke | NYC

It’s going to be tough for me to do this restaurant justice in a blog post, but here goes. Fishtail was extraordinary. I’m smiling just thinking about it. It was one of those experiences, that after each bite of food you take, your eyes roll back in your head and you sigh involuntarily because it tastes so good. A little back story — in what may have been one of the coolest things to ever happen to Just Add Cheese, … read more

New Years Dinner At David Burke Kitchen | NYC

There was a lot more to New Years Eve dinner at David Burke Kitchen than that ridiculous steak. From lollipop trees to scrambled egg mousse, it was one of the most interesting dinners I’ve ever had. Taking a page from Volt‘s playbook, this meal was just as much about varying textures as it was about flavors. ¬†Going with a big group was key because we tried almost all of the options of the prix fixe menu along with some added … read more