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Noming my way through LA LA LAnd

So far 2012 has been bringing me a lot of fun and food, with some sporadic travel mixed in. Ringing in the new year on the other side of the country, I spent the first week of January visiting friends in Los Angeles, California. Unlike my first visit to LA, which only included a three-day stint at Coachella, this time I spent five days there, relaxing and taking in a lot more of the cities varying neighborhoods. Shacking up at my friends beach house, we … read more

In N’ Out Burger | Indio, CA

When Jacki and I were on our way to day 3 of Coachella, we drove right by the infamous west coast burger chain In-n-Out Burger. I had been dying to check this place out for forever, and the fact that is has non-listed menu items (animal style!!!) made me even more excited. Since both of us had never been and our time on the west coast was quickly nearing its end, we thought it appropriate to pull an immediate u-turn and … read more