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Food Porn Friday | Prosciutto & Goat Cheese | The Salty Pig

I love Prosciutto. Prosciut. Prosciut. Prosciut. Here it goes, down into my belly. I know we talk about it a lot, but I will never get sick of Prosciutto. And I hope you guys won’t either because I don’t plan on slowing down my Prosciutto intake anytime soon. Especially when it’s sitting next to an oozing wedge of French goat cheese. Thank you, Salty Pig for making my dreams come true. And for being so close to my home. And for existing … read more

Food Porn Friday | Burrata | Oak Long Bar + Kitchen

As we said last week…’tis the season for tomatoes. And you know what that means: MOZZ. And lots of it. Burrata, mozz’s creamy little sister is not only a favorite, it’s a fetish. As a JAC reader you may already know my love for burrata runs deep, I eat it and order it every chance I get. Which is exactly why this was the first dish to grab my attention when I took a look at Oak Long Bar + Kitchen‘s menu: Maplebrook … read more

Sushi & Sake 101: Maki Making at Haru

Haru is one of those sushi spots that commonly falls under the radar for me. For whatever reason my typical sushi outings land me at reasonably-priced Symphony or splurging over at Ken Oringer’s Uni. Located inside the Pru, I’m sad to say I’ve only eaten at Haru a handful of times, but after my recent visit there I might have to reevaluate my priorities. The other night Meesh and I attended a Sushi and Sake 101 class there, a new series … read more

I Went to The Capital Grille and Only Spent $16

True Statement. Last week Meesh and I met up for an impromptu lunch date at The Capital Grille Definitely not our usual stomping grounds, but we’d been hearing a lot about their new lunch offerings, and that they were pretty inexpensive, so we decided to see what was up. Both of us nearly gasped when we saw that they serve a Spring “Plates” lunch menu, which includes a sampling of seasonal starters (like soup or salad) paired up with a lunch entree and a … read more

Top Of The Food Chain Vol 2 | Haru

Haru is another one of those corporate-ish spots that never made its way onto my to-eat list until recently. Not entirely my fault if you think about it, it’s located on the Huntington Ave. stretch between Cheesecake Factory and CPK, which automatically raises a red flag. Plus there is absolutely no reason to be walking on the street level through that ridiculous wind tunnel, ever. Skybridge all day erry day. Jacki and I met a friend for dinner at Haru with no … read more

Post 390 | Bomb Food in the Back Bay? We Haz Found It!

Even though the Back Bay is the center of this city, it can be a very scary place at times. Whenever I find myself in that part of town, famished, looking for a place to eat I honestly cringe a bit. Don’t get me wrong, there’s definitely a few gems, but overall most places are overpriced tourist traps. Combine that with the chaos of crowds that flood the streets on the weekends looking for posh patios on a nice spring day – just forget it. While … read more

Just Add Poe Dinner Party

Let me just start my saying this is the most overdue post in the history of the world (<–fact). A few months ago, Jacki and I did a dinner with Chef Brian Poe of The Rattlesnake. His fusion of non-traditional ingredients into Mexican food is right up our alley, so we decided to join forces for one night and create a special dinner party for our friends with a menu that fused his culinary craziness with our undying love for cheese. Our friend Sonya … read more

Casa Romero | Old School Mexican Goodness | Back Bay

Mexican food is a long running obsession of mine, so when Lolita, Temazcal, El Centro and Papagayo opened last year I was so overwhelmed with new spots to try that I sadly lost touch with my original Mexican go-to, Casa Romero. Recently I’ve made amends and have been going back to Casa Romero more often because I’ve tried all the new places and most of them just don’t do it for me for a consistent Mexican fix (except for El … read more

Deuxave, Let’s Spoon. Kthx.

I know, I know, it’s been open for about a year already…but I finally made it over to Deuxave last weekend. I knew it was going to be good, I absolutely adore dBar (Chef Chris Coombs’ first restaurant) and I’ve heard nothing but great things about Deuxave since it opened. What I didn’t realize, was exactly how good. This place is exceptional. Every food and drink item we ordered turned into a conversation about how great it was, how that’s even possible, and how … read more

Forum | Back Bay | Oh You Fancy Huh?

When Vox closed I nearly jumped for joy. What a waste of prime restaurant real estate. That place thought they could serve mediocre food and drinks and get by because they’re located next to Atlantic Fish and Abe & Louie’s. Well, they did for a pretty long time I guess, but we eventually proved them wrong by resisting the convenience and taking our money elsewhere. Yay Bostonians! Anyway, Forum couldn’t be more different than its lackluster former inhabitant. (Just look … read more