Thai Xing | Authentic Thai & BYOB in D.C.

Residing on my “to eat” list for months now after countless recommendations from various friends, I decided to make it a point to visit Thai X-Ing for dinner during my recent trip to DC. Located inside a residential brownstone, the restaurant serves a chefs choice fixed price menu every night. Dishes are served family style in a series of courses. The dinner is priced at $30 per person Sunday – Thursday (with the exception of Mondays which are closed) and $40 per person on Friday & Saturday.

As soon as we step foot in our cab and relay the restaurant address on Florida Avenue our driver giggles and asks if we have a reservation. We do. “Good, because you can’t go there without one. It is very popular.” Our anticipation goes up another point or two.

We arrive, and with no visible signage, we walk through a vine covered awning up an iron staircase into a dark, candlelit room. Walls draped with tapestries and artwork. Tables of two and four scattered everywhere, space it tight.

The service is no frills– as soon as we walk in, they ask us about dietary restrictions and allergies before relaying the info to the kitchen via blue tooth “4 people, 1 no seafood”.  As soon as the host disappeared food began to arrive at our table, in groupings of 2 – 3 dishes at a time. The food is authentic– every bite had us breaking a sweat (and personally brought me back to a semester spent in Chiang Mai, Thailand). They supply the water, and a handful of glasses, you bring your own booze.

The meal moves quick, and before you know it you’re leaving full, and feeling like you’ve just been initiated into some secret supper club.

saladPapaya Salad & Seafood Salad

noodlesPad See Ew


Pork, Pumpkin Curry & Fish
(this is the extent of information given as plates are delivered)

mangoCoconut Sticky Rice with mango and fresh fruit
(My favorite Thai dessert!)

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