Le Diplomate | Parisian Brunch in Washington DC

It’s Thursday, the weekends so close you can practically taste your Sunday morning hangover cure… BRUNCH. And in lieu of this weekly revelation, we’re bringing it back to last week’s lunch. A #ThrowbackThursday a’la Just Add Cheese if you will.

Le Diplomate in Washington DC has only been open for a few month’s now, and already everyone is talking about it (and eating there). Like a slice of Parisian bliss transplanted into our countries capital, the place is quite the bustling brunch destination.  Large windows fill the space allowing light to pour into the dining room, while small tables line the outside under deep red awnings adding to the French Cafe feel.

A few tips…

  • This place is open for brunch Saturday AND Sunday.
  • The secrets out – this place is BOMB. Save yourself some trouble and make a reservation in advance.
  • The cocktail program is just as impressive as the wine list; order an aperitif before a bottle of bubbly rose.
  • All breads are made in-house. After enjoying your complimentary basket of various bread & butter (including cranberry-nut, wheat, and crispy baguette) order a basket of pastries. Don’t worry, everyone knows carbs don’t count on weekends.
  • The french onion soup is 1/8th soup, 7/8ths cheese – so you know it’s the best.
  • Whether in the mood for a quick croissant or a lavish dinner starting with a towering raw bar, this place has something for everyone and any occasion.




CROQUE-MADAMEgrilled ham, fried egg, sauce mornay


GRUYÈRE OMELETTESaunders Farm eggs, gruyère, fines herbes

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