Tim Maslow + Brookline = Ribelle

Brookline– a place in Boston I rarely venture. Let’s just say there are very few things that can get me on a bus, only to then transfer to another bus, to then get me to food. I’d rather starve. But for friends, and a highly hyped new restaurant, I make exceptions.

I will shamefully admit that I have not yet been to Strip-T’s, and from what I’ve heard from everyone (including my food life mate Meesh) I’ve been doing myself a disservice for months. And while I still need to make my way to Watertown, I decided taking a 1.5 hour bus ride to Ribelle would get knocked off my bucket list first. And I’m proud to say it has!

Returning to Boston in late 2011 after a 6 year stint working for famed New York chef David Chang, Tim Maslow took over his dad’s former sandwich shop on a mission, adding a dinner menu that included new dishes like octopus + plum, grilled romaine, and squid ink spaghetti.  The adventurous switch flipped Watertown regulars on their heads and put Strip-T’s on the tip of everyone’s tongue while skyrocketing Maslow to local celeb status. Now, less than two years later, he still has everyone talking… this time, about his new spot Ribelle.

The space is sleek and trendy (hello communal tables, Japanese grass decor, open kitchen)  the team is fiercely talented (pulling in names from Craigie on Main, Menton, Radius, Harvest, etc), and the food is anything but ordinary (just scroll down). Expect flavor combinations you’d never imagine to make perfect sense and homemade pastas, cheesy desserts and olive oil ice cream to rule all at Ribelle.


yellow fin tuna crudo + lime, poppy, buttermilk, peach


polenta + summer corn, parmesan, lime


lamb’tartare + sunchoke, egg, sunflower seeds


angolotti’+ veal filling, squash, tomato jam


 olive oil ice cream + chocolate sauce, magic shell


grilled peaches + stracciatella


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  1. I’ve only heard good things about Ribelle! I’ll try to make it out there soon. You’re a trooper for a 1.5 hour bus ride!!

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