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It’s no secret I spend my work days at Rialto Restaurant in Harvard Sq. With a menu that changes every few weeks, and highlights the cuisine of a different region in Italy every 2 months, there’s always something new and interesting to try. I never get sick of the food, and am constantly surrounded by talented chefs, which is exactly where I like to be.

One of those talents is executive pastry chef Jonathan Posiko, someone I’ve started to think of as the ultimate dessert genius. He’s always outdoing himself with every menu revision, and this fall at Rialto is no different. The dessert menu is currently stocked with classics, re-imagined – think Apple Strudel, Carrot Cake & Doughnuts. I try not to play favorites when it comes to Rialto, but this dessert menu is just too much to pass over. If you’ve got a sweet tooth, now more than ever is the time to swing by and belly up to the bar for a dessert…or two or three.

apple strudel

If it’s September in New England you’ve got to put an apple on it. Picking season has begun and  the best way to display the bounty is by way of Apple Strudel (or crisp, or pie, or cake, or tart…) Right now we’re serving this homemade style with pine nuts, dulce de leche, rosemary-cinnamon ice cream, and an apple chip.

carrot cake 1

Carrot Cake – my personal favorite forever now. I’ve never seen anything like this one though, deconstructed into a collection of yummy elements including grappa and raisin compote, carrot sorbet, almonds, mascarpone sauce and those crazy guys you see on top are candied AND fried carrots. Yup.

krapfen 2

Forget what you know about cronuts and get yourself a Krapfen this month. #NowTrending. It’s the German variation of a doughnut/fritter and when stuffed with plum and walnut conserve, paired with  lemon ice cream, sprinkled with honeyed walnuts and drizzled with vanilla anglaise it’s pretty much the only kind of doughnut that matters.

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