The Best Wurst: Going Deutsch at Bronwyn

Guest Post by Lisa Decanio

Growing up in a German family, I’ve been jonesing to try Tim Wiechmann’s latest endeavor, Bronwyn, since its opening in May. The menu is committed to exploring the cuisine of Germany and Central Europe, and my birthday this month was the perfect excuse to indulge on bratwursts and beer.

We grabbed a seat outside at Bronwyn’s adorable beer garden, promptly ordered two lagers, and dove into the menu.

We started off with two sausage selections, as recommended by our server. The Lemon Weisswurst was a delicious combo of veal and pork, served on a bed of greens doused in a refreshing lemon vinaigrette. The second was a Spicy Bierwurst, made with pork, egg and paprika and topped in a cucumber bacon sauce and served with house pickles. That ish was my jam.


Glancing over at a table next to us, FOMO set in when we realized we made a huge mistake skipping out on the Giant Haus Bretzel. We ordered it immediately and were blown away by the massive carb-o-licious starter when it arrived. Served piping hot, the pretzel was perfectly doughy, complemented by a side of grainy, roasted apple mustard.


Although we were about to burst at the seams, I insisted on ordering the Spätzle to share. Spätzle is a doughy German pasta, and Bronwyn’s version came served in a deep bowl, topped with corn, radish greens and tarragon, with melty comté cheese folded in throughout. A great, gooey, comforting nod to the classic German dish. (And, might I add, the leftovers made a delicious breakfast the next morning.)


As someone who’s eaten German food all her life, Bronwyn’s food feels authentic without being kitschy, and I’m looking forward to working my way through the rest of the menu. Anyone up for some wurst?

Guest Post by Lisa Decanio

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  1. Meesh says:

    Great post Lisa!! Glad to have you on JAC

  2. Lisa DeCanio says:

    Thanks for having me! Sausages are in order when you return to the east coast, Meesh.

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