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The first place I visited on my Wines of France Road Trip, and the last I’ll be writing about in relations to that long week of awesome back in late June, is Empire State South in Atlanta, Georgia. I use the term “write” liberally as I won’t be saying much, just reminiscing the delicious dinner I had with these photos I took while I was there. The meal involved a lot of drinking and eating as five of us introduced ourselves and laughed a lot before kicking off the promotional tour for French Wine across America.

After first glancing at the menu and instantaneously falling in love with our bubbly server, I felt like I’d hit the jackpot with my invitation to spend seven days with such a fun group of people visiting a handful of cities (many of which I’d never been to) and going to nothing but the best bars and restaurants in each locale. My new found friends took the reigns when it came to our wine order, and were adventurous in sampling a lot of options off the seasonal and local menu – my kind of people! And if you ever find yourself in Atlanta and need some recommendations, here’s one (see below) and a few more to tie you over.


Starting things off on the right foot – BRUT!


In Jars: deviled ham, trout mousse, pickles, pimento cheese & bacon marmalade,
boiled peanut hummus


ESS Charcuterie: mustards, pickles


Switching our sips to Bourgogne Chardonnay


 Octopus Terrine


 Farm Egg

Duck: corn, celery leaf


Catfish: cucumbers, summer tomatoes

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