Giulia | Yummy Summer Snacks in Porter Square

My road trip is officially over and I am back to the real world, which for me consists of 60+ mile bike rides, lots of work, and a room I still need to unpack after moving to a new location two weeks ago. Busy busy. But I still find time to snack with friends. Which is what I spent most of my free time doing while on the Wines of France road trip, so expect another handful of posts to cover my nomcapades up the east coast, but for now I’ll highlight some snacks that are actually within reach – so long as you’re willing to make your way to Cambridge.

Dear Giulia, thanks for contributing to my ever-growing love affair with Cambridge. It’s places like you that make me proud to call it my home. Your Summertime snacks were everything I could have hoped for and more. I’ll be back for carbs soon!


Bruschetta with fava beans, pecorino, mint, and lemon


Burrata di Puglia with grilled vegetables and applewood-smoked onions

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