Insta-Faves from Ming Tsai’s Blue Dragon

When Blue Dragon first opened I heard completely inconsistent feedback from my friends who went. Some LOVED it…maybe a little too much, and others weren’t as impressed. On my visit there (we only tried a few things) I actually left agreeing with both mindsets. Some dishes were really off the hook and others not so much. I think it’s totally worth the trip to Fort Point though. There are a ton of options on the menu so as long as you know what to order, you’ll love it there! It’s a fun vibe with great service and it’s pretty cheap. I would go back in a heartbeat, especially to have these…

blue dragon ming tsai

Braised Beef and Chinese Celery Potstickers


Bison Mini Burgers with Teriyaki Caramelized Onions and Shiitakes

The bison burgers were the agreed-upon group favorite. The fries and pickles served with it were also bomb. I would go back just to eat that again. I also loved the pot stickers, but I ALWAYS love pot stickers. Dish to skip: octopus salad. Just didn’t work for me. Dishes I need to try next time: spicy pork ramen for two.

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  1. I really do want to try the Blue Dragon, but my strategy is to wait until a lot of other bloggers have posted about their meals so I can determine which dishes I should order and which I should avoid. Definitely adding the potstickers to the “must order” column!

  2. i want to try this place asap and hoping the hype has calmed down. my friend loves it but i’ve read some eh reviews. Blue Ginger is amazing though!

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