when leaving Mission Hill just isn’t an option…

…we brunch at The Mission, my favorite neighborhood brunch spot in Bahhston.

If there is snow, cold weather, rain or a terrible hangover that prevents you from walking more than 5 minutes for food, we always resort to The Mission. Here you don’t have to have a reservation, you don’t have to look nice, you don’t have to spend a¬†fortune, you can add ten people to your table without the servers caring, and you will always leave satisfied. The food offerings are basic, but executed to perfection. I also love the relaxed¬†atmosphere, huge windows and natural lighting.

My friends always get the Steak and Eggs, it’s definitely the favorite.

My favorite is the Cinnamon French Toast:

The Omlette is also amazing:

and you get fruit with everything!

nom and long live the Mission.

A lot of my friends have recently moved on from Mission Hill, but I’ll hold down the fort for them and eat alone if need be.

What’s your favorite neighborhood brunch spot?

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